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With the financial incentive of exemption from the Climate Change Levy (CCL) many, hither to uneconomic products, are being considered as potential carbon neutral fuels for generating electricity and heat production.

TES Bretby is working to provide data on the quality of a wide variety of materials for both fuel suppliers and the end users - the electricity generators. We are able to take the fuel and provide information on burning, heat output and emissions for direct burn and co-firing.

Bio mass: Sawdust, peat, straw food processing, bio-products and animal waste

Energy Cops: Oil seed, willow, grass, birch, reeds, olive stones and coconut husks

Waste: Agricultural waste, food production wastes, bird litter, refuse derived fuels (RDF) other waste derived fuels (WDF), specified waste products (eg Tyres) and shredded banknotes.

The UK resource for suppliers and buyers of alternative energy
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TES Bretby - Renewable Fuels Testing and Validation TES Bretby - Renewable Fuels Testing and Validation
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TES Bretby provides quality assessment of traditional Fossil Fuels and all Alternative, Sustainable and Renewable Fuels, enabling suppliers to market products of assured quality and users obtain fuel of appropriate quality
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Renewable Fuels
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