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TES Bretby has successfully provided the major traditional fuel suppliers in the UK with quality data of the fuels they sell for over 50 years. This service is now available for an increasing range of alternative and renewable fuels including large volume bio-mass, timber, waste derived fuels and smaller one off consignments of specialist fuels.

Our capability

The TES Bretby energy testing & validation service covers a wide range of fuel parameters from moisture, ash and calorific value levels through to specialised physical tests such as grindability and hardness. Further specialised testing includes determination of heavy metal elements that may be present in the emissions or waste residue, trace elements and ash fusion analysis.

We will enable you to deliver products of stated quality into the rapidly expanding alternative fuel market as well as providing independent verification of sustainability and authenticity enabling you to gain the maximum price and credibility.

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TES Bretby - Renewable Fuels Testing and Validation TES Bretby - Renewable Fuels Testing and Validation
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TES Bretby provides quality assessment of traditional Fossil Fuels and all Alternative, Sustainable and Renewable Fuels, enabling suppliers to market products of assured quality and users obtain fuel of appropriate quality
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